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Master Excel Power Query Beginner to Advanced (including M)


Online Courses Udemy - Master Excel Power Query Beginner to Advanced (including M), Use Excel Power Query like an Expert from the Start! Solve Difficult Data Analysis Problems // 200+ workbooks included
  • Bestseller
  • Created by Leila Gharani
  • English

What you'll learn

  • Master Power Query in Excel (& Power BI)
  • Create Modern Excel Dashboards with Power Query and Excel's Data Model
  • Reduce Hours of Work to One Click (Simply press Refresh)
  • Automate the process of Importing, Cleaning, and Combining data
  • Learn Power Query M language and create your own M Functions
  • Load data into Excel from Multiple Sources such as SharePoint, csv, Web, and even Email
  • Learn how to Avoid future errors by creating Robust Solutions
  • Apply new concepts to real-life examples and solve complex data analysis challenges


Excel Power Query has been a part of Excel since Excel 2016! It's in the Data tab under Get and Transform.
Unfortunately many people haven't explored what it has to offer!
They continue doing things the old "manual" way, Or the "complex" way with difficult formulas.
Power Query is like an Instant Miracle Cure to your difficult data analysis problems:
You can quickly combine and consolidate large data from different sources like Excel, text files, the web, online services, databases, even your Outlook! (Plus many more).
You can convert downloads from your ERP system into information you can use.
Replace complex Excel formulas with a click of a button.
Turn complex data transformations that took forever to do (such as unpivoting data), to just a few clicks.
And these are just a few examples of what it can do!
On top, your actions are recorded so whenever you get new data, all you have to do is click Refresh!
Guess what? You can apply ALL the knowledge you learn in this course to Power BI as well!
You might be thinking...
Does it apply to me? Can I really use this at work?
If you have Excel 2016 or above, you have Power Query as a part of your Excel (Power Query is Not available for MAC).
If you work with Power BI, you also have the latest version of Power Query.
Plus learning Excel Power Query will be more fun and effortless than you think.
You’ll get the tools to make a big difference at your workplace.
The course is split in 2 parts: Essentials and Advanced.
Just from the Power Query Essentials you’ll be able to solve many problems and make a meaningful impact in your work
In the Excel Advanced Power Query section you’ll tackle more complex scenarios. The real world comes with messy data. You might need to write custom M functions to transform the data to the way you need. In this section you will also learn how Power Query M thinks and works.
Here are some the things you'll accomplish:
Import, transform and clean large data from different sources (Excel, csv, web, sharepoint etc.)
Combine data from multiple Excel workbooks into a single Table (or Pivot Table)
Consolidate data from all files in a folder (and make exceptions as you need)
Understand and write your own Custom Power Query M functions to do tasks you can't easily do with the interface
Use Excel's Data Model and Power Pivot to Create Relationships between your data
Understand when to use Excel Power Query and when to Load data to Excel's Data Model
Create an interactive Excel Dashboard with Power Query, Data Model, Pivot Tables and slicers
Use Power Query in Power BI and create a dashboard you share online
You'll get Instant Access to:
16+ hours of video content,
3 complete business projects (including 2 Interactive Dashboards)
200+ workbooks (Solution files included)
Downloadable course notes
Challenges, and quizzes
And something else you may not know ...
Generally, when you learn something, the more effort you put in, the more you get out. But it's NOT the same with learning Power Query! If you just put in a little effort, you get SO much in return! This is the difference with learning Power Query to learning other skills like Excel VBA.
This course will give you the tools to really make a difference at your workplace!
Let's Explore this Power Dimension Together!

Who this course is for:

If you use Excel and find yourself combining data manually
You find yourself searching for Excel formula solutions online and wondering if there is another way
You'd like to discover new possibilities to get your work done faster in Excel
You work with big data in Excel
You'd like to explore the "Power" Dimension in Excel

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