Apache Kafka for absolute beginners

Apache Kafka for absolute beginners


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Start Here - Learn Apache Kafka Ecosystem, Architecture, and Client API Programming in Java

I designed this course for absolute beginners and intermediate Kafka professionals. This course will deliver What? Why? And How? of Apache Kafka and take you deep into Client API programming in Java.
About the Course
I am creating Apache Kafka for absolute beginners course to help you understand the Apache Kafka Stack, the architecture of Kafka components, Kafka Client APIs (Producers and Consumers) and apply that knowledge to create Kafka programs in Java.
Who should take this course?
This course is designed for software engineers, solution architects, and managers willing to implement Kafka and solve real-time stream processing problems. I am also creating this course for data architects and data engineers who are responsible for designing and building the organization’s data-centric infrastructure. Another group of people is the managers and architects who do not directly work with Kafka implementation. Still, they work with the people who implement Kafka Streams at the ground level.
Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to become familiar with Kafka Technology Ecosystem and its application
Software Engineers and Architects who are willing to design and develop Kafka Solutions

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