Snowflake Masterclass [Real time demos+Best practices+Labs]

Snowflake Masterclass [Real time demos+Best practices+Labs]


Online Courses Udemy - Snowflake Masterclass [Real time demos+Best practices+Labs], Master snowflake cloud data-warehouse with hands on exercises from real time expert.

This course is result of my over 4 years of experience working with snowflake. Snowflake is a fantastic tool to handle huge volumes of data. You can load , query and export and run transactional queries on TB's and PB's of data easily.
You don't have to worry about infrastructure setup, security , performance , tuning , Garbage collection , node failures etc etc...
if you have already worked with Spark with EMR or with Data bricks you will be amazed by snowflake performance and simplicity.
But there is a catch, if you are not fully aware of how things works in snowflake, you will easily loose control and end up writing costly queries and end up using many of snowflake features wrongly.
I mentioned costly queries because  snowflake is build for performance.
Costly queries and wrong design decisions in snowflake will sky rocket your snowflake bill. I have made lot of such mistakes and learned from those mistakes.
This course is an effort to walk you through such experiences so that you don't end up doing same mistakes which i did!!!
Few things can only be learned by experience you can't find them in documentations this course will expose such details to you.

Hope you join me in this journey...................

The course is broadly divided into 3 modules,
    Lectures ------------>: 38
    Real time Demos----->: 11
    Assignments--------->: 10
    Quiz------------------>: 6

   This module will concretize snowflake fundamental concepts and architecture.
   By the end of this module you will be having very strong foundation about snowflake.
    Lectures ------------>: 46
    Real time Demos----->: 31
    Assignments--------->: 14
    Quiz------------------>: 2

    In this module i will walk you through, different techniques and options to load and unload data
    in snowflake.
    By the end of this module, you will be having great confidence in using COPY command and
    different data processing objects in snowflake.
    Lectures ------------>: 45
    Real time Demos----->: 35
    Quiz------------------>: 3

    In this module, we closely evaluate important features of snowflake.
    This module helps you to understand, how each feature works under the hood.
    Through this knowledge you will be in a better position to decide, when to use the feature and when not to use the snowflake features.

High level overview of all modules with sections details is given below,
In module#1,  
    > Snowflake environment setup.
    > Snowflake architecture.
    > Snowflake caching , micro-partitions, clusters.
    > Snowflake clustering deep dive.
    > Snowflake virtual warehouse layer.
    > Performance tuning and DB characteristics.
In module#2,
    > Loading data in snowflake.
    > Loading data using internal stage.
    > Load data from aws s3.
    > Load data from google gcs.
    > Load data from Azure.
    > Copy command options.
    > Working with copy command.
    > Assignments.
    > Loading unstructured data
In module#3,
   > Snowpipe in snowflake.
   > Data sharing in snowflake.
   > Time travel.
   > Fail safe.
   > Clone feature.
   > Data sampling.
   > Tasks in snowflake.
   > Streaming in snowflake.
   > Continuous data load.
   > Materialized views.
Who this course is for:

Developers planning to learn snowflake database.
Architects who want to understand best practices followed while using snowflake database.

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