Advanced Laravel tips and tricks beginners and intermediate

Advanced Laravel tips and tricks beginners and intermediate


Advanced Laravel tips and tricks beginners and intermediate - 
Advanced Laravel 8 tips and tricks that are NOT mentioned in official documentation and help you to learn more skills


It's time to skip the basic level and move to intermediate or advanced level

This course is valid for all latest Laravel versions 5.8, 6.X , 7.X and 8 , AND WILL BE VALID AND UPDATED FOR NEXT VERSIONS  :)
The latest version of laravel is 8 so during this course you will learn the newest and the short ways to write a Laravel project or app .
Laravel until now have more than 60 Million downloads from its github repo and it's the most required framework on the market right now.
By the way , the course will keep updating if there is any changes so keep learning without any fearing of 'out of date obsolete' .
During this course we will learn :
Eloquent ORM in depth .
Appending data .
Accessors and mutators .
Event Observer (creating , created, updating, updated, deleting , deleted )
Casting data .
Playing around primary and foreign keys .
Playing around timestamps fields .
Using route binding .
the amazing optional helper .
Pivot models
check changed attributes and more .... :D
Advanced database and migrations .
Renaming table .
Renaming column .
Changing column data type .
Renaming column .
Seeding a single class .
Dropping table using tinker .
Perform some tricks operation (increasing, decreasing, sub queries, .... etc) .
Request validation in depth and how to write a smart and advance validation .
More advanced validation rules
Manipulating error messages
Validate value depending on other value
And more
While telling lessons I will give you some advises that I learned from my work experience .
Happy coding !
Who this course is for:

  • Beginners or Intermediate Laravel developer curious about best practicing
  • Beginners or intermediate Laravel developer who seeks to improve their Laravel skills

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