Building Microservices with .NET - The Basics

Building Microservices with .NET - The Basics


Building Microservices with .NET - The Basics - 
Start building microservices architectures with REST APIs, C#, ASP.NET Core, MongoDB, RabbitMQ and Docker. Step by step.

Is your team suffering the symptoms of the monolithic hell? Are you wondering if a microservices architecture is the right fit for your .NET project? Have you been asked to implement microservices and you don't know where to start? Are you just curious about this trendy new term? In this course you will learn why you may want to embrace a microservices architecture and how to get started by using the .NET platform.
You will learn the foundational elements of microservices by incrementally building a real microservices based application with .NET 5, step by step. The first two microservices of this application are built in this course, each storing their data in a Docker hosted MongoDB database and both communicating asynchronously via a RabbitMQ message broker and MassTransit.
Here for some of the things you will learn in this course:
How to create ASP.NET Core 5 based microservices from scratch using Visual Studio Code
Use individual MongoDB NoSQL databases for exclusive use by each microservice
Implement asynchronous inter-service communication via RabbitMQ and MassTransit
Microservices architecture fundamentals, pros and cons
Implement common design patterns used with microservices like repository, retries with exponential backoff and circuit breaker
Use C# 9 record types to define DTOs and message contracts used by the microservices
How to implement the common operations of a microservices REST API
Use Docker and Docker Compose to run services like MongoDB and RabbitMQ in your box to support your microservices
Use Swagger/OpenAPI and Postman to explore and interact with your microservice APIs
Implement resilient inter-service communication via IHttpClientFactory and Polly
Implement eventual data consistency by replicating data across microservices
Create NuGet packages to share reusable logic and message contracts across microservices
Build two microservices of an end to end application where players can purchase game items with virtual currency
We will not jump straight to the ideal implementation, we will start with a very simple and "naïve" implementation, we will learn about common mistakes when implementing microservices, we will learn about multiple techniques and patterns in the microservices world and finally we will arrive to a nice implementation based on best practices.
This is a beginner level course, so I intentionally take my time to explain every new concept in a very didactic way to ensure you understand the purpose of the code you are about to write. You will find no magic code copied from external or hidden sources. We will start absolutely from scratch and I will explain every line of code as I add them to the projects.
You should have some basic C# knowledge and ideally some web development experience to make the most of this course. However, I make no assumptions on your previous knowledge of ASP.NET Core or of any of the other libraries, tools and techniques used during the course. As long as you are eager to learn by doing, I think you will really enjoy this course since I will explain everything I do as we write the code together.
By the end of this course, you will have an application with two fully working .NET based microservices but most importantly you will understand every line of code, how the microservices work together and why we ended up with the final implementation.
Who this course is for:

Beginner C# / .NET developers wanting to get a deep understanding of the microservices building blocks
Experienced C# / .NET developers new to microservices that want to understand this modern architecture makes sense for their projects
Anyone willing to learn by doing. Even if you have never built an ASPNET Core app you should not have problems with this course since I will explain every line of code in detail

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