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Understanding TypeScript - 2021 Edition


Online Courses Udemy - Understanding TypeScript - 2021 Edition, Don't limit the Usage of TypeScript to Angular! Learn the Basics, its Features, Workflows and how to use it!

This course was completely updated, reflects the latest version of TypeScript and incorporated tons of student feedback.
Most People know TypeScript from Angular 2+. It's the Language you have to use there, right?
It's more than that! 
Learn what TypeScript is, why it really is a powerful Addition to JavaScript, what its Features are and how to use it! And whilst doing so, also understand what you're actually doing in your Angular 2+ Code.
This Course takes you from the very Basics and its most important Feature (Types!) to the Point where you're able to use TypeScript in any of your Projects. ReactJS Projects included!
As TypeScript is developed by Microsoft and strongly advertised used by Angular 2+ (Google), it's here to stay. 
Gain an Edge today and be amongst the First to really understand TypeScript!
A Journey into the Future
As TypeScript code can be compiled to ES5, you'll be amazed by the many next-gen Features you can start using Today. Be it ES6 Features like Destructuring or Arrow Functions, Decorators, Generics and Interfaces or Modules - TypeScript has them all!
In this Course, we'll not stop after the Basics. You will learn about more advanced Features and also how to set up Workflows with  TypeScript. This includes a TypeScript-only Workflow as well as a Webpack Workflow.
You'll also learn that you're not limited to Angular 2+ or plain JavaScript/ TypeScript Projects. A complete Module covers how to use TypeScript with ReactJS to benefit from its Features, there, too.
Practice what you Learn
Watching Videos is a great Way to Learn. And to a lot of Students, it's the best Way. If you also want to practice the Things you learn, this Course offers you Exercises (and Solutions) in many of the Course Modules.
So much Content!
I'm not a Fan of these Courses which teach you the Basics and then leave you alone. In this Course you'll get insights into:
Types and how to use them
How the TypeScript Compiler works
ES6 Features in TypeScript
Classes in TypeScript
Namespaces and Modules
How to integrate Third-Party JavaScript Libraries into your TypeScript Project
How to set up a TypeScript project with Webpack
Or how to set up a plain-TypeScript Workflow
How to use TypeScript together with ReactJS
How to use TypeScript together with Node/ Express
Real projects and use-cases!
Who this course is for:

This Course is for every student who wants to extend his or her horizon beyond vanilla JavaScript
Everyone learning Angular should definitely understand how TypeScript works

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