Computer Networking Fundamentals 2021

Computer Networking Fundamentals 2021


Computer Networking Fundamentals 2021 - 
Learn all about the basics of computer networking, fundamental concepts and basic network security concepts

Computer networks are at the core of our everyday lives. While any wireless technology is often referred to as wireless, and most networked ones as simply a network, there are multiple different technologies, protocols, and configurations to be done to properly set up a network at home, or in an office.
Today's computing devices are always connected to a network. While increasing productivity, this also increases the risk of malicious activity.
In this course, you will learn foundational knowledge of networking services and concepts. Subsequently, you will learn about IPv4 and IPv6 addressing and protocols. Lastly, you will be introduced to the layers of computer network defense and secure network design. After finishing this course, you'll have an understanding of network hardware and software, and you'll be able to gain insights from captured network traffic.
This course is designed to get you started as quickly as possible. There are a variety of self-paced learning activities. You will get:
Video lectures on each topic explaining each concept thoroughly with examples (and Demonstrations where applicable)
Review questions (quizz) at the end of the course to test your knowledge on the topics learned throughout the course
Links to additional resources/blogs/videos for further documentation and more in depth details reading.
Enroll now in Computer Networking Fundamentals course today and start learning about all fundamental concepts of computer networking.
Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to understand Computer Networking Fundamentals
Beginner level students who are new to the IT Networking field

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