Devops Tools and AWS for Java Microservice Developers

Devops Tools and AWS for Java Microservice Developers


Devops Tools and AWS for Java Microservice Developers - 
Master Docker , Kubernetes, Maven, Jenkins ,GIT , AWS EC2 ,Elastic Beanstalk,ELB,Auto Scaling and more in easy steps

Created by Bharath Thippireddy, English

Sample of the reviews:
Your lectures are straight, clear very understandable.helped me a lot to improve my skill set.I was actually waiting for this course of yours .becoz i couldn't understand anybody else's courses.All your courses are amazing. - Sahithi Muchala
Very well explained!!! Easy to follow and practical information about AWS, GIT, Docker, Kubernetes & Ansible!!! - Navneet Behl
Hey, Hi Bharath Happy to see an All in one course covering all the essentials required for a java microservice developer. I can understand the efforts you have put forward to bring out such a quality product. Keep looking forward for your courses.. - Uday Kumar Bommala
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Look at any developer job opening out there, the knowledge of Cloud like AWS and experience with Devops tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins is a must.In this All In One course you will master all the Devops Tools from GIT all the way to Kubernetes and also AWS Services from EC2 to Cloud Watch to make your MicroService applications Continuous Deployment and Production Ready.
Are you a  Developer with Microservices background ? Are you a developer who is just getting started with your career? then this course is for you .You will quickly master the fundamentals of Devops Tools(Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins etc) and AWS Services a developer uses.Enroll now and
You will learn the concepts of cloud, continuous delivery,Continues Integration, and Devops in the context of micro services development and how they all fit together to be cloud and continuous deployment ready

You will then be introduced to AWS, where you will setup your AWS Cloud account

Learn how to launch AWS instances and learn a few linux basic commands required to work on the cloud and Devops

You will learn how to install and use GIT locally and to push your project and perform operations on remote Git Repositories as well

You will also learn how to resolve code conflicts ,branching and more

Maven is one of the most used build and dependency management tool in the java world

You will master all the fundamentals of maven and create and build standalone and java web applications

You will then create two micro service projects using spring boot

You will deploy and test your Micro Service applications manually to AWS by setting up java, mysql on a EC2 Instance on the cloud

Using AWS Elastic bean Stalk Service we can quickly deploy our applications and it will provide our application the environment that is required to run .You will use EBS with RDS (Relational Database Service) to deploy and test your micro services

Docker is an open-source tool to package your applications and everything they need as containers.You can then use these containers on your laptop , in testing, stage and all the way to production which could be on the cloud or servers with in your organization

You will use various docker commands to pull images and launch containers, mount volumes and even working with docker networks and see how simple they are

You will use Visual Studio Code IDE which will make that task super simple

Docker-Compose is a very powerful tool using which we can launch multiple docker containers in one shot

Kubernetes is drastically changing the application deployment process, making it possible to roll out new releases with no downtime

You will learn what Kubernetes is ,various components in the Kubernetes cluster

The  Object Model what deployments, services ,pods are and how they work with each other

You will setup Minikube which is a super easy way to explore Kubernetes cluster on your laptop

You will deploy containerized applications to Kubernetes cluster

You will then come back to AWS and master services such as IAM , Auto Scaling,Elastic Load Balancer, Cloud Watch to monitor the health of the machines and send out notifications

You will learn how to use Jenkins to configure you project builds , web hooks ,pipelines and automate the complete deployment process

You will also be introduced to Ansible which is a configuration management tool for Devops

You can learn them all or pick a topic and master it as required for your interviews and projects.Check Out the course content and free preview lectures  and enroll.See you on the course

Who this course is for:

  • Java Developers who are just getting started
  • Experienced Java Developers
  • Automations Testers
  • DevOps Beginners
  • Any one who wants to master DevOps tools and AWS Cloud in simple steps

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