Core Java Deep Dive with Practical Examples(Highest rated)

Core Java Deep Dive with Practical Examples(Highest rated)


Core Java Deep Dive with Practical Examples(Highest rated) - 
Deep Dive - Java Object Oriented Programming,Inheritance,Exceptions,Multithreading,Collections,IO,Network,Regex, Servlet
  • Created by Suresh Kumar Reddy
  • English [Auto]

Welcome to the only Highest Rated Core Java Course, and fully loaded Core Java course with Practical Hands on examples, of every concept.
This is the only Core Java course with about 155+ downloadable source code programs, 100+ coding exercises, as the right course need to comprise not only Watchable videos, but also sufficient practice exercises, to make you strong Programmer.
All above comprises 80+ to 100 hours of total learning duration.
With 20 years of real time software development experience(at PayPal, CSC, Aricent, Philips, etc...), Author has designed in such a way that Learners get very good insight & working expertise on Core Java, and will be in a position to develop projects, at the completion of this course.
Since Core Java sets your foundation for your Future Career, you need the right course to start with and to boost your career, and
You can get started with this course, even with zero/basic to intermediate prior knowledge in Programming.
Rather than just explaining the Concept,  there is a focus on Why each specific concept exists and how it adds value, and how to apply it the right way, in your programming.
Topics Covered by this course
Core Java Basics
OOPs(Object Oriented Concepts) - class, constructor, access specifiers, objects, etc...
Packages, Sub Packages
Exception Handling
Collection Framework
Java Input Output Streams
Network and Socket Programming
MySQL and How Java Program can connect to database
Regular Expressions
Inner class,
Design Patterns overview
Project work, at the end of course.
Topics to be added(shortly) to this course are JSP/Servlets, Reflection, ... and many more.
Every lecture has, below
Downloadable Source code examples, developed in above Video
Reading Material, for every concept
Quiz - Multiple Choice Questions, to cross check your confidence levels
Assignments Questions, to try Coding exercises
All above contributes to 60(or more) Learning Hours, and you will continue to have access to new Topics which will be added by Author, shortly.
Who this course is for:

Learners already with Basic to advanced knowledge in any Programming Knowledge, and who would like to Learn Java
May or may not have Basic Knowledge in Java
Beginner to Programming,
College passed out Graduates or In campus graduates
Testing professionals who want to improve knowledge in Selenium

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