MB-200 Course Will Be Replaced By PL-200 Exam Soon

MB-200 Course Will Be Replaced By PL-200 Exam Soon


MB-200 Course Will Be Replaced By PL-200 Exam Soon - 
Learn and Master Microsoft Power Platform And Pass The PL-200 Exam On Your First Try.

*** UPDATE: The course content will be upgraded to the PL-200 exam soon (with a little delay due to exam changes). The Upgrade is completely free for existing members.
*** UPDATE: Added 5 more video tutorials as per the changes in the MB-200 exam curriculum.

**The ONLY in-depth, practical course that prepares you 100% for MB-200 - Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core exam**
Ibrahim BERTHE says
"The course is well structured and very well organized. Abhay masters the subject well and has a very good pedagogy which facilitates the understanding of the subjects covered. This is the best course I have taken so far on Udemy. The idea of ​​the book is very useful in preparing for the exam. Thank you Abhay"
Kenneth N. says
"This comprehensive MB-200 training course covers all the essential features of Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core. The materials are overwhelming, but Abhay makes it easy and exciting to learn. I like the way he structures the training materials, starting out by stating the objectives, and then explaining the lessons in details to create a cohesive flow. The lessons are presented clearly and thoroughly, from concept to hands-on, from planning a functional design to implementing an application, and so on. When necessary, Abhay also provides links to useful resources for download or further learning. I totally recommend this course!"
Ashish Lal says
"This is a wonderful MB200 course with indepth learning. I would recommend to anyone who would love to learn and explore Dynamics 365 as i havent come across any courses which has great content which guides towards practical knowledge as well. :)"
Subhadeep Ray says
"A very compact course which is definitely helpful to prepare for MB-200 certification exam."
Nimisha Vyas says
Do you want to learn how to use Microsoft Power Platform and configure and customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 like a Champ? And also want to prepare for the MB-200 - Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core exam?
If yes, then this course is for you.
This course is based on the MB-200 - Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core topics outline provided by Microsoft and covers 100% of the MB-200 exam curriculum.
With more than 10+ hours of practical training videos, you will not learn Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Core, but will also be fully prepared for the MB-200 exam.
Also, you will get the MB-200 Exam Preparation Book (more than 200 pages)!
10+ hours of practical video content on Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core.
The course covers 100% of the MB-200 exam curriculum provided by Microsoft.
Learn from practical tutorials and demo on the latest Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform.
240+ pages book of MB-200 exam preparation.
You will learn these topics in detail and prepare for MB-200 - Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core certification!
Welcome And Course Overview
How to Prepare For Exam
Perform Discovery, Planning, and Analysis
High-Level Entity Relationship Diagram
Create and Document Mock-ups
Data Migration And Integration
Determine Out-of-the-box Functionality
Validate Functional Requirements
Artifacts for a Proof-of-Concept (POC)
Identify Collaboration Tools
Perform an Audit
Artifacts to be Recorded In Change Log
Select between Managed and Unmanaged Solutions
Identify Entity Components
Create and Configure Apps
Configure Settings to Start With
Configure OOB And Custom Items
Create and Configure Dashboards
Create and Configure Forms
Create and Configure Charts
Create and Manage Reports
Create and Configure Views
Design Sitemap
Export and Import Field Translation
Configure Mobile Settings
Implement App Designer
Create and Configure Templates
Identify Available Templates
Create Email Templates
Create Excel Templates
Create Word Templates
Create Mail Merge Templates
Create and Configure Article Templates
Create and Configure Entitlement Templates
Create Campaign Templates
Create and Manage Processes
Configure a Business Rule
Configure a Business Process Flow
Configure a Workflow
Modify an Existing Data Model
Create New or Modify Existing Entities
Create New or Modify Existing Fields
Create New or Modify Existing Relationships
Import, Export & Manage Dynamics 365 Data
Dynamics 365 Import Data
Dynamics 365 Export Data
Duplicate Detection Settings & Rules
Bulk Record Deletion
Mitigate Excessive Database Growth
Configure Security in Office 365 & Dynamics 365
Identify Dynamics 365 Admin Role Assignments
Dynamics 365 Admin Center Administration
Manage Security Roles, Users, And Teams
Create and Manage Field Security Profiles
Configure Hierarchy Security
Configure App for Outlook & Email Settings
Outlook App System Requirements
Configure Server-Side Synchronization
Configure Dynamics 365 App for Outlook
Integrate with Office 365
Determine Enabled Office 365 Capabilities
SharePoint Integration with Dynamics 365
Integrate OneNote
Integrate OneDrive for Business
Microsoft Power Automate
What is Power Automate
Create a Flow
Create a Flow from Scratch
Share, Export and Import Flows
Manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Environments
Dynamics 365 Solutions
Create And Use a Custom Publisher
Create Solutions
Export Solutions
Import Solutions
Distribute Solutions and Patches (includes Cloning)
Administer and Configure Environments
Manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications
Manage using the Admin Center
Manage Applications using the Solutions
Perform System Administration & Quality Assurance
Configure Connection Roles
Configure Language and Locales
Configure Currencies
Configure Subjects
Configure Custom Help
Configure Session and Inactivity Timeouts
Manage Audit Settings
Configure Audit User Access
Manage Audit Logs
Configure Dynamics 365 Search
Dynamics 365 Performance Tuning and Optimization Testing
Course Review & Exam Preparation Book
Quick Review
Download MB-200 Exam Preparation Book (240+ Pages)
Feel free to watch preview videos and enroll in this course today to learn Microsoft Power Platform & Dynamics 365 Core and prepare fully for the MB-200 exam.
Have you got any questions? Message me on Udemy.
I wish you all the best.
To Your Success,
Abhay Sharma
Founder - Online CRM Training & Learn MS Dynamics
PS: This is neither an official Microsoft course nor endorsed by Microsoft.
Who this course is for:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 consultants want to get MB-200 certified
Microsoft Dynamics 365 aspiring consultants
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners curious about Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

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