Algorithms (Data Structures) Bootcamp in C++

Algorithms (Data Structures) Bootcamp in C++

Algorithms (Data Structures) Bootcamp in C++

Algorithms (Data Structures) Bootcamp in C++ - 
Recursion, Backtracking, Dynamic Programming, Graphs, Data Structures, Sorting and Substring Search Algorithms

Created by Holczer Balazs, English [Auto]

This course is for those who are interested in computer science and want to implement the algorithms and given data structures in C++ from scratch. In every chapter you will learn about the theory of a given data structure or algorithm and then you will implement them from scratch.
Chapter 1: Recursion
theory behind recursion (recursive function calls)
stack memory and heap memory
recursion and stack memory of the OS
recursive problems such as the Towers of Hanoi problem
Chapter 2: Backtracking
what is backtracking
how to solve problems with backtracking
N-queens problem
coloring problem
knight's tour
Chapter 3: Dynamic Programming
overlapping subproblems and dynamic programming
what is "memoization" and "tabulation"?
Fibonacci numbers
knapsack problem
Chapter 4: Data Structures
data structures and abstract data types (ADTs)
linked lists
binary search trees
priority queues (heaps)
associative arrays (hash tables)
Chapter 5: Graphs
directed and undirected graphs
graph traversal: breadth-first search and depth-first search
shortest path algorithms
Dijkstra's algorithm
Bellman-Ford algorithm
Chapter 6: Substring Search Algorithms
the most relevant substring search algorithms
naive substring search
Knuth-Morris-Pratt (KMP) substring search algorithm
Rabin-Karp algorithm
Z algorithm (linear pattern matching)
Chapter 7: Sorting
stable sorting and adaptive sorting
comparison based and non-comparison based sorting algorithms
string sorting
bubble sort
selection sort and insertion sort
merge sort
counting sort and radix sort
These are the topics we are going to consider on a one by one basis. After every topic there is a Q&A section where you can test your knowledge on the given topics. Thanks for joining my course, let's get started!
Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate C++ developers curious about algorithms and data structures

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