Learn DevOps: Infrastructure Automation With Terraform

Learn DevOps: Infrastructure Automation With Terraform


Learn DevOps: Infrastructure Automation With Terraform - 
Learn how to automate your infrastructure with terraform. Covers Terraform with AWS, Packer, Docker, ECS, EKS, Jenkins

Bestseller, Created by Edward Viaene, English, French [Auto]

Terraform has gained a lot in popularity lately and is the tool you need to master if you are or about to get into a Ops / DevOps role. You typically use a technology like Ansible, Chef, or Puppet to automate the provisioning of software. Terraform starts from the same principle, infrastructure as code, but focusses on the automation of the infrastructure itself. Your whole Cloud infrastructure (instances, volumes, networking, IPs) can be described in terraform. 
In this course you'll learn how to use terraform to automate your infrastructure. I will first show you the basics of terraform and will then explain how to automate infrastructure on AWS using terraform. You can open an AWS account for free to do the labs. I also provide a lot of code examples which you can immediately use to automate your own infrastructure.
Update (Oct-2016):
Added AWS Autoscaling lectures
Added Terraform+Packer Jenkins integration lectures
Added Terraform with Docker on AWS (ECR and ECS)
Added Terraform with Jenkins workflow using ECR and ECS
Update (Dec-2016):
Added a lecture about useful terraform commands
Added a demo on how to use terraform show/graph/taint/untaint/import
Added a lecture and demo about Elastic Beanstalk on AWS
Update (Jun-2018):
Terraform for Windows setup + puttygen
Built-in functions
Module development with an ECS + ALB module demo
Setting up a hosted Kubernetes cluster using AWS EKS
Update (Nov-2019):
Terraform-0.12 updates
Lectures covering new variable approach in terraform-0.12
For & For Each loops
Update (March-2020):
CodePipeline lectures
Updated lectures with new AWS UI
Updated jenkins-packer-demo demo
Update (December-2020):
Advanced Module development
Lectures and demos covering new Terraform 0.13 features
Terraform lock file (terraform 0.14)
State manipulation
Update (December-2020):
A complete new section on the HashiCorp Terraform Certification is now added!
This course includes english captions.
Who this course is for:

  • This course is great if you're in an Ops or DevOps position and you want to learn about automation using terraform

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