ServiceNow Certified Developer Practice Exam 2021

ServiceNow Certified Developer Practice Exam 2021


ServiceNow Certified Developer Practice Exam 2021 - 
Most comprehensive practice sets bundled with exam tips + valuable answer explanation. Covers latest CAD exam changes

Bestseller, Created by Nick Maddinson, English

1. Practice with real CAD exam-like interface and an ability to review answers back and forth. Gain confidence in timing all questions within the stipulated time and dry run your preparation in the best possible way
2. This course is an ideal preparation for ServiceNow professionals to get certified as a ServiceNow Certified Developer. Each of the 175+ questions are aligned with real exam, carefully designed to test understanding of the concepts behind the platform and development jargons associated to it and consolidated with other actual exam experience(s).  After taking the test(s), you will be able to review explanation for questions as per ServiceNow documentation to enhance your knowledge on exam topics. 
3. Questions from all topics as per the ServiceNow Developer Exam Blueprint are covered in these practice test(s). Identify gaps of understanding after attempting the test(s). Review answers with explanations and try again to achieve accuracy.

Important NOTE -
Eliminate answers one at a time and drill down enough about the topic to pick the right one between the remaining two.
Don’t memorise the answers, content in practice tests may or may not be the same as the CAD exam. They aren’t but the topics and content are. Passing the exam needs subject knowledge of ServiceNow and hands on expertise with the platform. When you get to the point where you stop having "ah-ha" moments, you're ready for the real exam. Wishing you the very best.

Q: What version of ServiceNow does this cover? 
A: The content of this course covers upto the Quebec (2021) release of ServiceNow. The course is duly reviewed every 2 weeks for new additions and review of feedback. Last reviewed on 29th July 2021.
Q: Can I pass the exam using this course as a guide?
A:  This course is based on the ServiceNow Certified Developer exam blueprint and will significantly increase chances to pass the exam. This course is intended to review your readiness and help you identify and improve in exam areas where you lack context. Course context should suffice anyone to correct answer & its explanation provide there in.
Who this course is for:

  • ServiceNow Developers, ServiceNow Implementation experts
  • ITSM Consultants
  • Students
  • ServiceNow

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