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Bootstrap 5 with 3 projects and E-com site in Hindi || Urdu

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learn Bootstrap 5 with 3 projects including Ecommerce site in Hindi || Urdu and Build awesome websites faster and better

Created by Kushal Koirala, English

in this course, you are going to learn about Bootstrap 5 that to in Hindi and Urdu. We are going to Build many types of awesome websites which are responsive and easy to build  and I will try to keep this course updated so that you don't have to face any type of problem.
Topics we will cover in this course are
1introduction of the course: Here you will learn things like how to install bootstrap and the use of Emmet to write HTML code faster
2.Typography and utilities: here you will learn about typography, colors in bootstrap 5, margin and padding, and more
3.layout: in this section, you will learn about Grid system, flexbox and many more things
4.css components: here you will learn about Buttons, alerts, card, navbars, forms, and many CSS components
5.projects: here we will build many projects to boost your skills and build your portfolio the projects are of many topics we will make a basic project and then advance and portfolio projects so that you can get clients to make websites or you can build bootstrap 5 theme's  You should have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS..so if you want to learn about Bootstrap 5 in Hindi and Urdu enroll in this course now

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Who this course is for:

  • who want to learn Bootstrap 5 and make awesome websites
  • curious to learn Bootstrap 5

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