Product Cost and Price Management

Product Cost and Price Management

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Ultimate guide to calculating product cost and creating price strategy for successful business management

Created by Avik Munshi, PMP®, English [Auto]

Calculating the right cost of your product or service and placing a strategic price on the label, are key aspects of success for any business or enterprise. Although there are numerous downsides of NOT doing it in the right manner, one aspect is losses owing to product prices lower than actual cost.
Hence we are offering both the subjects in relation to each other within the curriculum of this course. And the course is structured to provide knowledge from scratch to anyone without background knowledge while the explanations are designed to fluently explain technicalities to an average person.
This course originates from our 10,000+ hours experience in consulting across retail, brands, distributors, service providers and start-ups while summarising our key learning’s to help you avoid the common mistakes and do better than the most.
This course is designed to assist entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals set the rules of their game, while the analytical methods and strategic concepts discussed will help university students, young analysts and product or estimation managers better perform in certain aspects of their jobs.
This course will help you understand the fine synergies and relation between business, finance and product. With this course, you will be able to:
Model Businesses through Lean Chart to Develop or Improve Business Model
Understand Organised v/s Unorganised Market Structures with Value Chain
Develop and Deepen Financial Perspective and Understanding of Business
Estimate your Product Cost: In detail or Approximate with Thumb Rules
Calculate Product Margins - Know your Margin and Mark-up
Understand and Calculate Capital Asset Depreciation
Understand and Calculate Different types of Interest
Understand Pricing Strategies and Tactics
Know Strategic Discounting
This course will not only develop and strengthen your Understanding of the Concepts but also help you develop a hands on Analytical Skillset
Who this course is for:

  • Managers
  • Analysts and Executives
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Freelancers and Professionals
  • Founders

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