Master Java Unit Testing with Spring Boot & Mockito

Master Java Unit Testing with Spring Boot & Mockito

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Learn to write awesome Java JUnit unit tests with Spring Boot, Mockito, JsonAssert, Hamcrest & JsonPath in 40 easy steps

Great Programmers write Great Unit Tests. Want to Write Great Unit Tests for Spring Boot REST API ?

Spring Boot Test?   Yes.    Layered Unit Tests?  Yes. Of Course.    Spring Boot Integration Tests?   Yes.

Mockito?  Yes.                     JsonAssert, Hamcrest Matchers, and JsonPath?  Yes.  Included.


5 STARS - This a very comprehensive introduction to spring boot test, which brings Mockito, Junit, JsonAssert, Spring Data JPA, REST, design pattern, and many more. Very valuable course. Thanks.

5 STARS - Excellent and to the point course on Unit testing with good references.

5 STARS - This is an excellent course for both beginners as well as experienced Java developers who which to hone their skill. The instructor was very knowledgeable and knew how to keep the course engaging while providing lots of tips. Highly recommended...

5 STARS - Great Course to learn Junit Testing. Great content and great examples to explain each scenarios of writing test cases. If you want to write java test cases then definitely go through this course.

5 STARS - This course is a great introduction to unit and integration testing using Spring Boot, Mockito, and a number of other libraries that can help to write effective tests. It is easy to follow along with and has plenty of references where to look for more information.

5 STARS - Needed it for new client project. Excellent source of concise tutorials for JUnit of microservices.

5 STARS - I was drowning in unit test concepts and this course cleared up what read about them. And have a simple but clear explanation of when is good and how to create unit test in your app.


Spring Boot is the most popular framework to develop RESTful Services. It has Awesome Unit Testing capabilities through Spring Boot Starter Test. Mockito is the most popular mocking framework. JUnit is most popular Java Unit Testing Framework.

In this course, you will learn to Write Great Unit Tests for Simple RESTful Services with Spring Boot Starter Test, Mockito and JUnit. You will learn to write independent unit tests for RESTful web services talking with multiple layers - web, business and data. You will learn how to write integration tests using an in memory database H2.

You will build the unit tests step by step - in 40 easy steps. This course would be a perfect first step as an introduction to unit testing with Spring Boot and Mockito Frameworks.

You will be using Spring (Dependency Management), Spring Boot, Maven (dependencies management), Eclipse (IDE), in memory database H2 and Tomcat Embedded Web Server. We will help you set up each one of these.

You will use all the frameworks that are part of Spring Boot Starter Test - JUnit, Spring Test, Spring Boot Test, AssertJ, Hamcrest, Mockito, JSONassert and JsonPath.

You will learn to use the most important Unit Testing Annotations - @RunWith(SpringRunner.class), @SpringBootTest, @WebMvcTest, @DataJpaTest and @MockBean.


Section 1 - Learning Mocking with Mockito

Step 01: Setting up the project using Spring Initializr

Step 02: Writing Unit Test for a Simple Business Service

Step 03: Setting up a Business Service to call a Data Service

Step 04: Writing your first unit test with Stub

Exercise - Update Tests 2 & 3

Step 05: Exercise Solution - Updating Tests 2 & 3 to use Stubs - Problem with Stubs.

Step 06: Writing Unit Tests with Mocking using Mockito

Exercise - Updating Tests 2 & 3 to use Mockito

Step 07: Exercise Solution - Updating Tests 2 & 3 to use Mockito

Step 08: More Refactoring - @Mock, @InjectMocks and @RunWith(MockitoJUnitRunner.class)

Step 09: Mockito Tips - Multiple Return Values and Specific Argument Matchers

Step 10: Mockito Tips - Argument Matchers

Step 11: Mockito Tips - Verify method calls

Step 12: Mockito Tips - Argument Capture

Step 13: Mockito Tips - Argument Capture on Multiple Calls

Step 14: Introduction to Spy

Step 15: Mockito FAQ

Section 2 - Unit Testing RESTful Services with Spring Boot and Mockito

Step 01: Creating a Hello World Controller

Step 02: Using Mock Mvc to test Hello World Controller

Step 03: Using Response Matchers to check status and content

Step 04: Creating a Basic REST Service in Item Controller

Step 05: Unit Testing Item Controller and Basic JSON Assertions

Step 06: Digging deeper into JSON Assert

Step 07: Writing a REST Service talking to Business Layer

Step 08: Writing Unit Test for REST Service mocking Business Layer

Step 09: Prepare Data Layers with JPA, Hibernate and H2

Step 10: Create Item Entity and Populate data with data.sql

Step 11: Create a RESTful Service talking to the database

Step 12: Writing Unit Test for Web Layer - Controller - Using Mock MVC

Step 13: Exercise & Solution - Writing Unit Test for Business Layer - Mocking

Step 14: Writing Unit Test for Data Layer - Data JPA Test

Step 15: Writing an Integration Test using @SpringBootTest

Step 16: Tip : Using @MockBean to mock out dependencies you do not want to talk to!

Step 17: Tip : Creating Different Test Configuration

Step 18: Writing Unit Tests for Other Request Methods

Step 19: Refactor SomeBusinessImpl to use Functional Programming

Step 20: Better Assertions with Hamcrest - HamcrestMatcherTest

Step 21: Better Assertions with AssertJ - AssertJTest

Step 22: Better Assertions with JSONPath - JSONPathTest

Step 23: Easier Static Imports

Step 24: Tip : Measuring Test Coverage with Eclipse

Step 25: Tip : Keep an eye on performance of unit tests!

Step 26: Good Unit Tests

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Who this course is for:
  • You are a Spring/Spring Boot/Java Programmer and You want to write awesome unit tests for your RESTful Services
  • You want to write awesome unit tests with mocking
  • You want to understand the best practices in writing great unit tests with JUnit, Mockito and Spring Boot Starter Test
  • You want to learn to write great asserts with Hamcrest Matchers, JSON Assert, Assert J and JSON Path libraries

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