Splunk 2021 - Beginner to Architect

Splunk 2021 - Beginner to Architect

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Splunk 2021 - Beginner to Architect

Splunk 2021 - Beginner to Architect - 
All in One Course in Mastering Splunk

Created by Zeal Vora, English

Splunk 2021 - Beginner to Architect is a course specifically designed for beginners who intends to master the infrastructure side of Splunk.
This course starts from absolute scratch, and step by step, we build a solid foundation in Splunk to master various aspects related to writing SPL queries, building dashboards, deploying a distributed Splunk architectures, Troubleshooting, Access controls, as well as building highly available clustered setup for Splunk.
We also discuss the traditional and the newer Splunk deployment models, both via the RPM-based approach and the newer Docker containers approach, which provide benefits of deploying Splunk in any platform, including local laptops just within two minutes. This allows quick testing as well as quicker deployments within production environments.
Individuals, post completing this course, will have a solid understanding of Splunk components as well as be able to deploy production level Splunk clusters in their organizations that are highly available and can handle traffic at scale.
With a beginner-friendly course, tons of practicals, easy-to-understand videos, and great Support from our Instructor in case of doubts, this course is all you need to build a solid foundation in Splunk.
With this interesting set of learnings and practicals, I look forward to seeing you in this course.
Who this course is for:

  • Individuals who are looking to have solid foundation in Splunk.

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