ASP.NET CORE WEB API (.NET 5) | The Complete Guide

ASP.NET CORE WEB API (.NET 5) | The Complete Guide


ASP.NET CORE WEB API (.NET 5) | The Complete Guide - 
Learn to build fast and secure web applications with .NET Core Web API - The highest rated course with 20,000+ students!

What you'll learn
  • Build a complete .NET Core (.NET 5) back-end with Web API, Entity Framework Core & SQL Database
  • Utilize all three types of relationships in your database: one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many
  • Seed data with code-first migrations programmatically
  • Implement [HttpGet], [HttpPost], [HttpPut] and [HttpDelete] methods to work with simple or relational data
  • Test your Web API with Swagger and Postman
  • Different Web API versioning methods
  • The default action return types & create your custom return type
  • Server side Sorting, Filtering and Paging
  • AspNet Core Web API Logging with Serilog
  • Unit Testing API Endpoints and Services

A Web API is an application programming interface for the Web. With Web API, you get access to entire features of HTTP like URIs, request/response headers, content formatting, etc.

This course will teach you all you need to know to build personal or commercial applications using Asp.Net Core (.NET 5) Web API as your development framework. You will start from just Visual Studio and build your app from the ground up.

As data storage, you will use an SQL database and Entity Framework will be used to interact with your data. You will also learn how to update database schema using Entity Framework migrations, how to add data to the database, get data from the database, update data in the database and also delete data from the database.

You will not only learn about the default features or capabilities that Asp.Net Core 5 Web API has to offer, but you will also create your custom implementations like for example a custom Web API return type.

You will learn all these, step by step with hands-on practice. You will also have a lot of quizzes that will help to improve your knowledge of Web API.

Some of the topics that this course covers are:

Introduction to Web API

Building your first Asp.Net Core (.NET 5) API

Working with relational data

Controller Action return types

Sorting, Filtering, and Paging

Asp.Net Core Web API Versioning

Unit Testing

and much more...

You can find the source code of this course on my Github account: @etrupja/complete-guide-to-aspnetcore-web-api

Who this course is for:
  • Any developer curious about .NET Core Web APIs

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